World Suicide Prevention Day

What is World Suicide Prevention Day?

World suicide Prevention day begun in order to create awareness all around the world.

All over the world, there are different ways that people can raise awareness, raise funds for charities who support those who have attempted suicide and families of those who have.

Facts and Figures

It can be eye opening when looking at the facts and figures of suicide, but it is reality. Suicide is preventable not inevitable.

Approximately over 800,000 people die due to suicide every year all over the world. That is more than 6,000 within the United Kingdom. Suicide is the third leading death for people between the ages of 15 to 19.

Why is it important?

World Suicide Prevention Day is important as it raises awareness with every single person that no matter what they think or feel they are not alone and that there is always someone to talk to. It enables others to feel confident of speaking out about their stories with Mental Health and supporting others.

Here at Cura-Care

We ensure we listen and support our clients and their families and anyone who needs us to listen and support them. We also support Individuals through our Mental Health Project Where you can find more out by clicking the link below.

Join Cura-Care and The ME Project in supporting World Suicide Prevention Day, See how we are supporting and raising awareness The ME Project – Mental Health Mile