Work With Us

  • Regular & quality training
  • Competitive rates of pay above average
  • Pension Scheme
  • Good mileage rates
  • Experienced and contactable management
  • NVQ qualifications
  • Monthly supervision
  • Monthly team meeting support
  • Staff activities and outings

We are an equal opportunities employer that promotes training and development to ensure our team can provide the best quality service possible. We care about our staff and want them to feel valued. But don’t just take our word for it, see these lovely testimonials from our current staff:

“I love working for Cura-Care we have an amazing team, and some fantastic clients”
Mary Martin, Registered Manager

“If you value working with people, and making a difference in people’s lives, work for Cura-Care. Our name says it all, we care.”

Mimi , Administrative Assistant

“I love working for Cura-Care because I feel like I fit in, I feel listened to and supported, management are brilliant and we have some amazing clients”

Jade Ackroyd, Support Worker

“Seeing the care and support we give to our clients and the community makes every day at Cura-Care special”

Paige Ebbs, Senior care Consultant
“Even though I’m new to working here at Cura-Care, I am delighted with the amount of helpful people I work along side, my managers are fantastic, and all the clients and families are all just amazing, I couldn’t of asked for a better opportunity”
Emma Jackson, Support Worker

“Working for Cura-Care is really rewarding, knowing you’re helping individuals and their families out. Also the work force are fantastic and very helpful.”

Louisa Donkin, Support Worker

“Cura-Care is a happy place to work. The team are like a big happy family. I love my job and working here gives me a great sense of satisfaction”

Kay Jackson, Senior Support Consultant

“Working here gives you a chance to give back to the community rather than just taking from the community. The management here bring good vibes and are human.”

Jay Humphreys (Ex-Staff), Support Worker

“Cura-Care staff team welcomes people in like a family, so working here feels supportive and it feels good to put a smile on someone elses face in the community.”

Lizzie Plevey (Ex staff), Support Worker

“As the founder of this organisation I know that a skilled and professional team is central to our vision at Cura-Care, this is why we value our staff. We are human, and may not always get everything right, but we always consider what’s best for everyone and try to make sure the team have a good work & home life balance”

Kathryn Bell, Director

“I like working at Cura-Care as it is a very supportive environment. The work is very varied and offers me opportunities to work with different people with different needs which helps me to gain a wide variety of skills and experiences “

Harley Walker, Support Worker

“I love my job at Cura-Care , the children and families I work with make my job so worth while. I love the management team and the staff who always support me in everything I do. Its the best job I’ve ever had ! ❤ “

Adele Shaw, Support Worker