Our lovely Doreen popped into Timpson’s shoe repairs last week and spotted some really handy books all about children. They were free, and since she is not usually one who passes by a bargain, she popped a couple in her bag and went on her way. Once back at the office, with more time to look at the books, she realised they were absolutely fantastic! One in particular is all about attachment difficulties that children have, so this gave Doreen an idea.

Doreen looked at the books and saw that Mr and Mrs Timpson were foster carers in earlier years, and so used their wealth of experience to write these useful books for others to learn. So Doreen emailed them……taking a cheeky chance to see if we could get some for free as a resource to share with parents of children who may be displaying some behaviour that is difficult to understand.

Well you can guess the rest from the image……they kindly sent us a pile of books, 3 different topics.

How amazing is that?! Thank you Mr & Mrs Timpson we’ll share them with the people who need them.

If you think you need a copy to help you with your parenting or caring responsibilities…..email us and let us know.

And….THANKS Doreen for taking the time to do this….we appreciate you!