So we launched The ME Project on February 3rd!

The evening began when one of the ME team produced an amazing cake, made by a friend of the project which was personalised and iced in the ME logo! Our talented Kirsten then arrived with 60 hand decorated chocolate cupcakes for the evening….now….it’s not all about the food we know….but still, this added to the fun!

The ME Project Lead, Paige, provided guests with a heartfelt and very informative presentation about the state of mental health in our area, highlighting the need for our service. Paige explained more about the ME Project and what we intend to do. She answered questions from guests and gave as much information to people as possible.

Our evening was wrapped up with some great 1:1 discussions with parents and professionals, and this not only fills us with hope but also reminds us why projects like ours are so essential. There really aren’t enough services for young people in Doncaster and surrounding areas. Waiting lists for CAMHS are lengthy, they do an amazing job, but they are so busy it’s causing delays in service. And, at times there aren’t services available.

We know how hard it can be for parents and professionals to find the right services for young people, we only hope that The ME Project will enhance lives, give hope and enable young people to be happier and mentally healthier.

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