We’ve been asked a few times recently to summarise what we do at Cura-Care….so i’ll try to keep this brief but explain our role….. the services we are focusing on within the team right now are:

Short breaks for children with disabilities
Complex care in the community for adults

What this means…….for children, the 4-18 yr olds….we provide a service which enables them to go out with a trusted support worker and try new things, learn new skills or just have some fun away from the family. This gives families a chance to recharge their batteries, maybe spend time with a sibling, or just enjoy a bit of peace & quiet. The service focuses on the needs of the child, and we plan a service around THEIR wishes not ours…..we make suggestions but we try to find out fun things that our children want to do….and we help them to do it…for some….that can be something like learning to catch a bus to town. Others might want a shopping trip to Meadowhall or a kicking-leaves walk in the woods!
Our adult gang…..the 18 to 65’s…are usually those people living at home with a disability, or an injury or maybe just a condition which restricts their ability to live totally independently. So our team build relationships with them and support them to fully access all the things in life that they want to (unless it’s skydiving….our team may spectate on that one!). We listen to people, we find out how their lives are currently….and how their lives might be enriched….and we plan with people how we can achieve those things. It could be the things in life that a lot of people take for granted….like supporting someone to do their shopping….but some people want to try something more challenging like DJing….or cookery courses.

ok…so in a nutshell….thats the kind of care our team provide. However…..we’re VERY flexible….and our team are pretty skilled….if you have a query, a referral…or just want to chat about our services more….please don’t hesitate to call the office on 01302 887222…..offices are usually manned Mon-Fri….if you struggle to get hold of someone (we’re often out on appointments)….please e-mail us on admin@cura-care.co.uk….and we will get back to you.