Our Services

Adult’s Services

Our Adult’s community support service is delivered to adults aged 18+. We offer services such as:

  • Support with shopping
  • Cooking and meal planning
  • Help to attend appointments
  • Support to attend education or employment
  • Attending meetings with you
  • and more…

We plan your support with you, so that you always feel in full control over the care we provide, and we adapt our plans in line with your changing needs.

You will be provided with trained, consistent, named carers, with whom you can build trust and confidence.

Our services for Adults are regulated by CQC so that you can be reassured that our quality is of the highest standard.

We can help you to avoid feeling isolated in your community by supporting you to attend groups and events suited to your interests.

Our team are committed to supporting people to build on their skills and abilities and navigate through life feeling empowered and positive.

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Children’s Services

We are an Approved Provider of Short Breaks for Children with Disabilities for DMBC.

We know how challenging it can be to juggle the needs of your whole family and how this can be particularly stressful when you have special needs to manage too.

Previously known as respite care, short breaks are offered to give your child some quality time out with trusted support staff. Staff help your child learn new things, have fun and gain skills in the community.

Usually our short breaks are accessed through DMBC’s Children’s Disability Service, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to explore this service and find out if you are entitled to some short break support.

What our parents say.....

”As parents, we get to do all the things we can’t do when we are caring for G including spending time with our other daughter and each other!”

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We have a passion for providing people with bespoke, quality & safe support.

“A great company with excellent work ethics
With fantastic caring staff that go a step further to help our youngsters and vulnerable adults to adapt to everyday living.”

Meet Our Team

Kathryn Bell
Kathryn Bell Company Director
I like: Countryside walks. Gym sessions. Great food and fun games.

I listen to: R&B, House music, soul and everything chilled

The things i value in life are: the simple things, the laughter & good times. My family and friends.

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: our clients and team are wonderful people with amazing qualities and I am so often struck by people’s kindness. The world needs more of that. I am so pleased that Jackie and I have created a team culture which values people and their uniqueness. I am proud of what we do and how well we support people who need us.

Jackie Walton
Jackie WaltonCompany Director
I like: Seahorses. Animals and nature.

I listen to: Modern Country music. Rod Stewart and 80s tunes are my favourite.

The things i value in life are: My family & friends. the company (cura-care) and generally being a good person.

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: It provides an opportunity for me to help others. I am humbled by what we have achieved and our company values.

The Cura-Care Team
The Cura-Care Team
Cura-Care are proud to introduce you to our team of incredible people, made up of a very diverse group of individuals with varied levels of experience and qualifications. Every team member brings a different set of qualities.

All staff have completed standard safety training courses, including moving & handling first aid & safeguarding. We provide ongoing training to ensure that staff are proficient at what they do. All team members have the opportunity to gain qualifications and enhance their professional skill set.

All employees of Cura-Care have to go through a rigorous recruitment process and are fully DBS checked.

Our team bring a real holistic approach to caring and are keen to improve peoples lives with them, not for them.

MimiAdministrative Officer
I like: I love art, museums and good food!

I listen to: Lots of 90’s and 2000’s music

The things i value in life are: Family, friendship and my cat!

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: I like working in a team that really cares about each other and will always try and go the extra mile for each other!

TeresaSupport Worker
I like: Swimming, Reading, doing Jigsaws, Films/theatre and walking in the countryside in nature.

I listen to: anything and everything except jazz and rap, oh and no Justin Bieber!

The things i value in life are: My family & friends

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: Kath and Jackie are passionate about what they do and they want what is best for their service users and staff. Cura-Care team is a good bunch of staff to work with.

KaySenior Support Consultant
I like: cooking & cake decorating, gardening. I enjoy all things spiritual and going to my clay pigeon & target shooting club

I listen to: a very eclectic music collection! So i enjoy whatever ignites me. I’m a child of the 70s & 80s

The things i value in life are: Family and good friends. Health and fitness.

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: I LOVE working for Cura-Care because it is a caring company that give their staff the same care and support that they give to their clients. I’ve been given the opportunity to grow, starting as a support worker then being promoted to senior. I enjoy being able to make a positive difference to someone’s life.

MarkSupport Worker
I like: Having a nice beer! I enjoy comedy routines and love a good film.

I listen to: Lots of good music, I enjoy Queen, Bon Jovi & Meatloaf.

The things i value in life are: Laughter, nothing beats a good belly laugh. I value being able to enjoy a beer now and then and relax when i’m not at work.

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: The staff team are all really nice, friendly people. The whole team are caring people.

KateSupport Worker
I like: Going on long walks, lighting a fire and reading a book and a big cup of tea

I listen to: Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks

The things i value in life are: Friendship, Authenticity and Compassion

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: Everyone goes above and beyond to offer specialised care. I am proud to work at Cura Care.

KirstenSupport Worker
I like: spending time with my family, going on walks and bike rides and being creative.

I listen to: all sorts of music but cant beat the old classics on kisstory!

The things i value in life are: my kids, my family and our health.

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: i love that I can help others to live their life to its potential and as independently as possible with my support. I also love that no one session is the same because of the individuality and characteristics of each one of my service users ❤

AgnesSupport Worker
I like: Travelling, cooking, dancing & swimming

I listen to: Classical music, Disco and R&B

The things i value in life are: Selflessness, courage and personal warmth

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: I can be part of a truly fantastic and dedicated team where everyone believes in the same values and working for the same purpose…..making a difference and to give the chance for a more fulfilled life for those who need our help.

CharlieSupport Worker
I like: good music, going out with friends and family and being abroad! I also love cooking and baking!

I listen to: music, any genre, usually pop or 80s!

The things i value in life are: my friends and family as well as my pets.

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: i enjoy making people happy and making a difference to peoples lives! The job is also extremely rewarding as I see people achieving things they never thought they could do, every day!

StacieSupport Worker
I like: Being with my family & friends. the time between spring & summer. Long walks. reading & Music. I love Disney. I like Laughter.

I listen to: All sorts of music, Pop is what i listen to the most.

The things i value in life are: Family and my friends. I value honesty, trust, thankfulness, love, fun and differences.

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: it feels like one big happy family. All the staff are amazing, unique people, all with the same qualities of love to help others. I love how we get to be the support needed for indivuduals and their families.

PaigeThe ME Project Lead
I like: Good TV programmes, Reading, Walking with my dog. I enjoy being creative and doing things that inspire me.

I listen to: Mostly i listen to the radio in my car which is a mix of all music. I prefer a good box set on TV rather than listening to music.

The things i value in life are: My Dog, i love him. My friends and family.

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: The team are friendly and supportive and the management team are supportive of my work too. I can benefit from working flexibly rather than stuck in a boring job. I can use my skills in this position and being The ME Project Lead gives me a chance to empower and support young people who are really struggling with their mental health.

DoreenAdministrative Officer
I like: Reading, Walking, socialising with my friends and family.

I listen to: all different types of music but i love reggae, George Ezra and a bit of Michael Buble to brighten the day!

The things i value in life are: My family & friends. Honest and reliable people and socialising.

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: All of the staff are amazing people with big hearts and a caring nature for the job. Making me so proud of what we offer to our service users and where we are going in the future.

JennySupport Worker
I like: I like swimming, walking my dog Alfie.
I also love gardening and cooking

I listen to: I adore music from the 1960s,
70s and 80s. I also like watching Tv programs
such as Midfife.

The things i value in life are: I value my family greatly,
I have 5 grandchildren who I love dearly.
I value my friends and people in general

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: I love helping people less fortunate than me
in all aspects of life, taking them out and having a good
which I feel is as good for me as it is for them.
I enjoy working with adults and children.
I’m always here for support

LCSupport Worker
I like: I am a huge fan of sports, mainly football.
I also like gaming and challenging myself
through different activities

I listen to: RnB and Grime are my favourite types of music to listen

The things i value in life are: Family is at the top of my list, I love, value and
respect them,
I also value my religion and follow it with pride

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: I like being able to change, hopefully
improve peoples lives and give them the
care they deserve.

MartynSupport Worker
I like: I’m a huge sports fan, I enjoy almost every sport there is! Football, Cricket etc. I also enjoy taking long walks & being outside.

I listen to: the Radio, specifically The James Whale Show, LBC and I listen to broadcasts of sporting events. I enjoy most music, old and new.

The things i value in life are: I take pride in how much I value my family, they’re important people in my life and I strive to keep them safe from harm. I value being alive right no, living life, and enjoying it.

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: I enjoy working with people, young and old, and to communicate with them to help them with anything they need. I like putting a smile on people’s faces and that is why i enjoy working here, to provide the best quality service.

LeighSupport Worker
I like: Baking cookies, cakes and desserts! I enjoy going camping.

I listen to: I don’t have a favourite music genre so i listen to the radio in my car a lot. I do like Punk Rock.

The things i value in life are: Time with my family. My dogs.

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: I have an amazing team around me that are always there for me & willing to help when I need it.

TorrahSupport Worker
I like:

I listen to:

The things i value in life are:

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because:

MaryRegistered Manager
I like: Spending time with my family.

I listen to: All sorts of music from Jazz to Pop

The things i value in life are: My health and my family

I enjoy working at Cura-Care because: I enjoy making a difference and because of the welcoming and caring team

Kiti Support Worker
SophieSupport Worker
VACANT POST!Support Worker

Where To Find Us

Cura-Care Yorkshire Ltd

Office 6, Stonecross House,
Doncaster Road, Kirk Sandall,
South Yorkshire,

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