Promote independence

Cura-Care’s support team know that maintaining freedom of choice is important for an individual’s self-growth. Here are our top tips for promoting independence.

Start Slowly & Achieve Small Things

Start by setting small goals, ensuring they are achievable and can be easily recognised as successes.

Be patient, taking things step by step and allowing time for each new skill to become fluent enables people to feel more confident to move onto more challenging tasks.

Build a good network of Support

Being supported by others who share a desire for growing and learning will keep people motivated. This could be achieved through joining a local interest group or club.

Talking about goals with family and friends helps them to understand how they can support choices rather than trying to advise or control the outcomes.

Write it down!

When an idea is written down, it becomes a plan, and people are more likely to succeed if there is a sense of ownership of targets. Writing a plan enables foresight, where barriers and hindrances can be identified before starting, to ensure solutions are available.

If there are clear targets in place, motivation levels are higher and  the end result stays in focus.

Confidence is key

Giving lots of praise and encouragement will increase confidence. If people feel able to make independent choices without having to always consult others, they can build more conviction about their every day decisions.

Consider building on some practical tasks to increase confidence such as registering to vote, or travelling on public transport.

Working and Volunteering

Through creating a career plan, people can experience a greater sense of self worth and independence. Many employers provide opportunities for people with disabilities.

Volunteering looks great on CVs and will provide good opportunity to learn new skills and develop networks.

Watch Jackie & Teresa to learn more about what Cura-Care do to promote independence.