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Children’s Services

Our short break service sounds like a holiday! Previously known as respite care, short breaks are offered to give your child some quality time out, usually on fun activities, with our support staff, giving you a well deserved rest from your caring responsibilities. This can be an evening or 2 through the week or a few hours each weekend, whatever you need to recharge and your child to enjoy.

We support children with learning & physical disabilities and those who are on the Autistic Spectrum. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission to provide personal care should your child need any help with this. We match our support workers closely with the needs of your child right from the start, so that you can be confident your child is with someone who, primarily, understands them and can connect with them in a wholesome way.

Our team are fully qualified and trained in many areas, and you can be assured that safety is upmost on our wishlist for your child. Your child’s smile is how we measure our success!Children's cares, Staff DBS Checked

When did you last feel relaxed or have a night out?

As a parent, it can be difficult to find someone who you trust, particularly if your child has disabilities.

Back-Up Buddies at Home

Our staff will come to your home and stay with your child giving you time to take a well earned break. This service gives you the peace of mind you need to let your hair down and enjoy yourself in the knowledge that your child is being properly cared for.

Could you do with an extra pair of hands?

Having a child with a disability can make normal day to day activities increasingly difficult, particularly if you have more than one child. Perhaps your’e a single parent and don’t have a family support unit, could you do with some help?

Back-Up Buddies Out & About

Our qualified, experienced staff will accompany you whilst you’re out and about on day trips, shopping trips or any other occasion where you could use an extra pair of hands. This gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your family in a safe, stress free  environment.

Parent Testimonials

we like the break to spend time with our other children, also gives us a little time to enjoy a quiet cup of tea. Its been an amazing time with cura-care. My child loves his support and so do we!


I have been accessing the short break support for nearly 2 years now. Before it started i was at breaking point trying to deal with my daughters behaviour, which can be very challenging at times. 

It came just at the right time for us as a family and was much needed. Not only do we get the much needed time out, it also gives me an opportunity to spend some quality time with my son. I love my short break support because the staff are so kind & caring and often go above and beyond to help us as a family.

My daughter has gained lots of new skills from the staff and she loves going out with them. She will even try new places now and new challenges which is something she never would have done before. She has grown in confidence and it’s lovely to see.

I am very thankful to all the staff at Cura-care for their amazing support and i appreciate every one of them.

Louise C

Our son looks forward to his carers coming, he likes them all. He has fun and is enjoying his independence away from mum and dad

Parent A

Cura-Care has a team of wonderful staff who look after my son. He has Autism and also challenging behaviour.  The staff are brilliant and can manage him very well in all his social and emotional needs. 

He comes home feeling very happy and that is enough to show that he has had a wonderful day with his carers.

Thank you Cura-Care!

Mrs Amin

We love the short breaks that we have, my son G really looks forward to going out and about. he talks about his break all week, planning where to go and what to do. He enjoys choosing car, bus, train, tram also what he can get for his lunch, and of course his favourite bowling game in lots of different places.

G enjoys his friendships with his carers and asks about them often. As a family we have noticed how much G’s communication skills have improved and his independence from Mum & Dad has given him a huge confidence boost. 

As parents, we get to do all the things we can’t do when we are caring for G including spending time with our other daughter and each other!

Julie DLC 

my son has made good progress just because K helped me understand that not always, i have to do everything for my son, eg: drinking and eating. Right now my son can hold a cup & drink himself


I love my short break support because it means my son can access the community more ofyten to help him build new relationships. It gives me a break and also an opportunity to spend time and do different activities with my other son. We all greatly benefit from this service. I wish we had accessed it sooner, especially with having Paige to support us who my son clearly adores and is a great asset to our family.

Mrs Taylor

Like our service?

Have your say here…….

Like our service?

Have your say here…….

Our team are qualified and trained in many areas, and you can be assured that safety is upmost on our wishlist for your child.
Are your staff DBS checked?2019-06-18T13:34:23+01:00

Yes all our staff are DBS checked.

Do I qualify for financial assistance?2019-06-18T13:39:04+01:00

This depends on your personal circumstances, all your care requirements will be assessed by your social worker in the local authority so you will need to contact them for more information.

What areas of Doncaster do you cover?2019-06-18T13:39:44+01:00

We cover the whole of the Doncaster borough. We are willing to travel slightly outside this distance, contact us for more information.

Are your staff trained?2019-06-18T13:41:47+01:00

All our staff are trained in lots of mandatory courses to make sure that you child is safe. We also put on additional training wherever we can to ensure we have a qualified, skilled and confident team

Can you provide 2 to 1 staff?2019-06-18T13:37:50+01:00

Yes, if you require two carers, we can provide this.

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