Cura-Care would like to show you what we do.

We are running a 10 week campaign to highlight the most important parts of our work, the services we offer and our role in the lives of the people we care about.

Week 1 focuses on brain injuries.

A number of people who are recovering from a brain injury are using Cura-Care’s services. At times they have faced challenges, and this can bring with it some feelings of isolation, frustration and loss of confidence. Over time we have watched people, with our support, regain control in their lives and move forward to a brighter future.

We have loved putting together this 10 week campaign as it gave us a chance to read personal blogs (some of which we have shared with you on our Facebook page) and we were able to sit back and evaluate the impact that we have on people and the good things that we do. We’re honoured to be in people’s lives, and are grateful that you allow us to help at a time when you need us.

Follow our campaign on Facebook and other social media. We’d love also to hear from you and listen to your views so please mail us with any feedback you can offer.