Caring For People With Learning Disabilities At Christmas

2021-02-05T15:54:50+00:00December 1st, 2020|

Christmas is a magical, happy and exciting time for most families, full of laughter and festive fun, but for families whose loved ones have a learning disability, this can be far from the most wonderful time of the year. The flashing lights, crowds of people, unexpected guests, loud music and even family gatherings can cause severe anxiety and distress to those suffering from a learning disability, particularly those with Autism. The National Autistic Society produced a video to try and give some insight into what it's like for people with autism, take a look at the video, then try to imagine the same scenario at Christmas with all the music and lights. Far from the special time that most people experience, Christmas for those with learning disabilities, sometimes, has to be more like a 'normal' day. As if Christmas isn't stressful enough for most parents, it is especially stressful for those whose children suffer from learning disabilities, where they need to make sure their child sticks to as near to the usual routine as possible whilst ensuring other siblings [...]