Launching an exciting new project! FEB 2020

2020-01-19T15:19:38+00:00January 3rd, 2020|

Cura-Care have been working on a new project coming in February 2020..... The ME Project! Information for Professionals, Parents and People! WHAT is The ME Project? A programme focussed on Managing Emotions for under 19 year olds. The programme is split into 10 sessions, each being 2 hours long. In groups of no more than 8 young people, we will be discussing issues such as Anxiety Depression Stress Fear Self-Harm Suicidal thoughts And much more. The programme will provide support and a toolkit of strategies for young people that can be called upon for managing their own emotions. We provide a safe talking space which enables young people to openly explore their thoughts and feelings. Sessions are structured to include activities, info-videos and tasks to encourage good communication. Each session is focussed on specific topics, such as ‘school’, ‘relationships’, ‘meds’ etc. The ME Project supports young people for whom there are no professional services available. WHO is it aimed at? Young people Parents/carers Professionals Schools Young people - Each individual will be assessed and matched to a group according [...]