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10 07, 2021

School Holidays are coming!!

2021-07-10T21:32:21+01:00July 10th, 2021|

The School holidays are coming! Are you ready? The Cura-Care team are getting ready to spend the summer holidays with your child. Do you know your session times and dates? Are you away on holidays and need to cancel? Call our office between 9.30am and 10.30am each weekday and speak with Mary, Kath or Jackie about the rota and session times! Being prepared means that we can avoid confusion and missed sessions! There are lots of events and activities happening in the local area, so if you have any specific activities in mind for your child, let your support worker know and get booking!

20 06, 2021

ADHD in the workplace

2021-06-20T20:50:29+01:00June 20th, 2021|

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a lifelong condition that affects people’s ability to focus. Memory issues, impulsiveness and difficulty controlling emotions are also common aspects of ADHD. When people think of ADHD they often think of ‘misbehaving’ or ‘distracted’ young boys in school – when in reality, it affects both men and women throughout their lives. There are many resources available to young students suffering from ADHD but there often isn’t much support for adults living with it as they enter the workforce. Adults with ADHD symptoms can really struggle at work especially with maintaining productivity, timekeeping and remembering important information as just a few examples. On the flipside some individuals can hyperfocus on particular tasks to the exclusion of all others, often to the point of forgetting to eat or drink. This can be fantastic for projects but terrible for self-care and can leave people feeling burn-out. All of these aspects can lead to ADHD sufferers really struggling at work. This can cause a lot of anxiety and stress - with performance reviews becoming dreaded occasions. Conversations [...]

25 11, 2020

Getting ready for Art Therapy!

2021-02-05T16:10:53+00:00November 25th, 2020|

Art Therapy @ Cura-Care The Cura-Care team are so excited to introduce Nickie J as your trainee Art Therapist! Nickie now has open spaces in her diary to provide Art Therapy services for children and adults. Nickie sums up what Art Therapy is: ”Art Therapy is a type of talking therapy that uses art materials as it’s primary form of expression and communication'' ''It is not a diagnostic tool but can help people to address and work through some emotional issues and distressing and confusing times in their lives” So armed with Play Doh, Paints and Pom-poms, Nickie aims to support people to manage their emotional wellbeing in addition to our other mental health services. If you would like to refer someone, or yourself, to our Art Therapy service please contact us to book a free consultation with Nickie

7 10, 2020

Can We Walk 100 Miles??

2021-02-05T16:33:35+00:00October 7th, 2020|

Did you know that exercise is has benefits for both your physical and mental health?  With your help, we'd like to raise funds for local charities and clock up 100 miles throughout October! Download the Strava app and show us miles from your walks to add to the clock This will be visible on our page and updated daily - Together we can reach our goal! #exercise #yeswecan #bettertogether #CuraCare #TheMEProject

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