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Adult’s Services

Our support workers will assist you to overcome the challenges that are preventing you from living your life to the full, whether that’s because of a learning or physical disability, a health condition or a mental health issue.

We will accompany you to events, appointments and will assist you to complete some of your household tasks. All of our support workers are regulated & trained to keep you safe, and to promote your dignity where you need some help with personal care.

We plan your support with you, so that you always feel that you are in full control over the care we provide, and we adapt our plans in line with your changing needs.

You will have consistent, named staff, with whom you can build trust and confidence.

Our goal is to enrich your quality of life.

We plan your support with you, so that you are always in full control.

Frequently Asked Questions for Adult Services

Can you provide 2 to 1 staff?2019-06-18T13:37:50+01:00

Yes, if you require two carers, we can provide this.

Could you help me with my shopping?2019-06-18T11:16:13+01:00

Yes, staff will come and plan your list with you, escort you to supermarkets and help you with all your shopping requirements.

What services do you provide?2019-06-18T11:19:02+01:00

We provide a wide range of services from escorting to appointments to light household duties.

What areas of Doncaster do you cover?2019-06-18T13:39:44+01:00

We cover the whole of the Doncaster borough. We are willing to travel slightly outside this distance, contact us for more information.

Do you provide personal care?2019-06-18T11:20:21+01:00

Yes, we are registered and regulated by CQC to deliver personal care. We will meet all your personal requirements whilst maintaining your dignity and privacy.

Do you do night care?2019-12-19T13:00:44+00:00

Yes, we provide a 24 hour care service. We can do night sits, full waking night care or sleep in. Please contact us for more details.

What is your minimum visit time?2019-06-18T11:35:31+01:00

We don’t do visits that are less than an hour as we want to provide a quality service.

Who do you provide care for?2019-06-18T11:18:13+01:00

We provide care for any adult over the age of 18 who are living within the community and have a disability, impairment, life limiting condition or any circumstance that prevents that adult from accessing the community fully on their own. We are happy to explore your situation to check whether our care services are right for you.

Do I qualify for financial assistance?2019-06-18T13:39:04+01:00

This depends on your personal circumstances, all your care requirements will be assessed by your social worker in the local authority so you will need to contact them for more information.

Are your staff trained?2019-06-18T11:36:24+01:00

All our staff are trained in lots of mandatory courses to make sure that you are safe. We also put on additional training wherever we can to ensure we have a qualified, skilled and confident team

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