The thoughts and magical mind behind the ADHBee Comic Strip.


The creator of the ADHBee works at Cura-Care, and often finds herself inadvertently sharing her personal knowledge and understanding of ADHD with our clients, staff team and parents.

Her own life is an amazing blend of adventure and activity mixed with the occasional challenges that come with having a diagnosed disability.

Diagnosed as an adult, she is aware of all the misunderstandings and misconceptions of people with this condition, and she wants to set the record straight! She wants people with ADHD to be empowered and understood.

So, we introduce the ADHBee comic strip, providing monthly snippets of insight into what it feels like to live with ADHD. And what a perfect time to introduce the ADHBee than ADHD awareness month October 2021!

Do you identify with the Bee? Or does your child display some of the traits of ADHD. Visit our Facebook page and follow us to catch the monthly comic strip!